Staffing and Project Management


An organization’s talent needs vary as a result of ever-increasing requirements from both external and internal influences. Competency, flexibility and cost often drive a company’s decisions when evaluating business opportunities. AZ Quality Services partners with our clients to increase flexibility and reduce costs by identifying and vetting qualified candidates for competency and providing talent as needed.

AZ Quality Services’ Project Management and Staffing is broad-based. With more than 75 years combined professional experience in QC/QA, technical, engineering and support functions AZ Quality Services is the choice for leading manufacturers and technical centers for supplemental talents needs.


Staff expertise and performance is key to any organization’s success and sustainability. Our clients appreciate the commitment to excellence we provide to their teams and the partnership of our on-site employees. We strive to understand the unique environment and structure of our clients which provides our recruiting team with invaluable insight when evaluating prospective candidates.

Project management, staffing or a hybrid? AZ Quality Services is ISO 9001 registered. We work with our clients to understand their operation and needs, creating a collaboration resulting in a solution tailored to each client’s need. We develop written procedures, processes and guidelines within which our team members work to achieve, or exceed client requirements.


Active recruiting is key to identifying the best candidates. Our recruiting team maintains communications with candidates regularly resulting in up to date knowledge of skills and career needs. We strive to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship when placing employees with our clients. Understanding equally and thoroughly the needs of our clients and candidates ensures our team is ready to make a difference on Day One.

Whether a candidate is looking for an opportunity to join a respected team or an organization with talent needs, AZ Quality Services is committed to complete client and team member satisfaction. How can we help you?

AZ Quality Services specializes in providing resources for the following areas:

  • Administration
  • Analytical Services
  • Communications/IT Services
  • Customer Liaison/Representation
  • Engineering Services
  • Logistics
  • Mechanical Services
  • Office Support
  • Quality Inspection
  • Rework Services
  • Technical Services


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